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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


What a beautiful New Years eve day. Shining sun, slight breezes, lots of people out biking, rollerblading, running, and all. I got out of work by 4pm, so got to ride home in the daylight. Felt like spring again. The city is gearing up for the night's festivities, with fireworks, downtown events, and the dropping of the strawberry cow.

Usualy Harrisburg drops a big strawberry, but this year they are funkin it up a bit because of the cow parade art exhibit moooooving through town, so an artist designed a strawberry cow. Cool.

Easy riding on the commute. But for the second day I had a honker and this guy wasn't as polite as yesterday. I couldn't even get a look at his license because it was encased in foggy plastic, thats gotta be illegal. Anyway, he couldn't wait about 20 yards until I passed a parked car and would be getting back over, I even signalled my intentions to do so. All so he could blare a couple hundred feet ahead a whole 5 seconds sooner.

Commute Song of the Day: What else - "Auld Lang Syne"

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