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Thursday, December 11, 2003


The commute home is particularly filled with that particular type of holiday delight as Harrisburg lights up a few features along my route. First is the big xmas tree shining bright with white lights in Riverfront Park at the entrance of the Walnut St Bridge, and then the outline of the bridge itself is lined with cheery white lights as well. Then finally, most of the north end of City Island is lit with a variety of novelties such as candy canes, gateways, trees and more. The cool thing about that is as you come down through Riverfront Park it runs you parallel to the lights across the river on the island, so you can enjoy them for a nice chunk of the trip. Wish I had some pictures to share, I'll work on that.

Unfortunately there seems to be less people actually using the pedestraian walkways and bridge, and actually on city island, during these colder months, so its a good thing that anyone in the city with a view can take advantage of something like the lights from thier individual locations. You can also take a horse-drawn carriage ride during the light up season if you are so inclined, and want to dish out the cash, maybe for a romantic date ya know?

Looking back to yesterday's post, the article I linked to has itself a link to the PA Department of Transportation website if you're interested in more biking info, but not a direct link to that info, so I am providing one here. The Pennsylvania Bicycle Drivers Manual is a great resource concerning tips, skills, guidelines, etc for being safe and biking with traffic. A super resource if you are just starting out, or want a refresher, or live in PA and want to know your rights and responsibilities here. You can also get to the manual through the PennDOT Bike Safe page which has some games and further info, partially geared towards kids, but fun and informative none-the-less.

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