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Sunday, December 28, 2003


Hope everyone had a jolly holiday, and may we all be thankful for what gifts those in our lives chose to share with us. Showing thier support and love for each other, by providing a token, or some time, or thier presence together.

Santa's bicycle department had a few nice surprises for me this year. My brother met a fellow who owns an LBS while on his newest job and hooked me up with a new Park Tools Bike Cleaning Brush Set. A good gift considering my need to be more diligent on a regular maintenance routine. Cleaning a few key points on the bike can't hurt, but I'm sure I'll never get involved enough to make it shine (don't want to make it too attractive to anyone anyway you know?). Thanks Michael. By the way, Park Tools' web site is also a great source for learning about tools, parts, and maintenance techniques.

My parents gave me a Topeak Alien. This is a lightweight and compact multi-tool for carrying with me during my rides for taking care of any repair issues that may arise. Its really cool, with 23 functions. Thanks mom and dad.

And finally my cousin Carla who is a regular reader saw one of my needs and started saving newspaper bags for me over the past few weeks. She passed those along to me including the special Happy Holidays bag from the paper's christmas edition, so cool. I'll be riding down the road next rain fall with green wreath print and red happy holidays on my tootsies.

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