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Monday, December 29, 2003


Please, I can't take the suspense any longer. I know we have already had two big snows in December, but this last whole week of dry, warm temps is too much to ask for. I am getting very used to it, and I know that January and February are still to come. I almost am wishing that it would just stay cold until spring arrives. Today was like a spring day for sure, I walked outside in a t-shirt, without a jacket or anything.

So I would need my Alien today, when I hadn't thrown it into my pack yet. Nothing major though. Its just that when I was adjusting my seat post yesterday, I took off the bracket for my rear blinkie, and then I replaced it, but did so with it pointing downward further than it should have been. When I clicked the blinkie onto the bracket for the ride home tonight, I noticed that it was pointing downward, and the LED's are most effective when pointing towards thier target. So a phillip's head would have solved the problem in 2 seconds flat, but I was without, and chose to head home as is, instead of headiong back up to the office to grab one out of the toolkit there.

Just to pass along a car incident for all our enjoyment. I was heading home and in the right-hand lane of a two-lane in each direction. There was a nice shoulder that I would have been in except that there were numerous cars parked along it. And I just now realized that they probably shouldn't have been there. But a car came up behind me and honked, not laying it on or anything, but any honk gets up a cyclists ire when it is uncalled for. I simply waited until we passed the next shoulder-parked car and I emphatically gestured towards the parked car to let my trailer know that I wasn't capable of riding over, under, or through said cars. The car following me never peeped again, and patiently waited until their turnoff only a few more hundred feet ahead.

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