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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


One of our local weekly newspapers ran an article from PA State Rep Allan Egolf (R-86) "Urging Bicyclists to Share the Road", though we know that car drivers are more numerous and probably more in need of sharing the road reminders (as I have yet to come across a bicyclist that doesn't want to share the road when they ride the road!). So the article should have been directed more forthrightly to them. Otherwise how many car drivers are going to read the article when they see only bicycles in the title? However, the article is informative regarding the PA bicycle laws and the Share the Road mentality that all road users need to be aware of. Thank you Rep Egolf and The Guide News.

Anyhow, What a day to not be on my bicycle for the commute! The worst of all weather combinations, cold windy rain, was hitting hard the whole afternoon. In fact, it made my walk commute a challenge even. The angled rain was soaking my pants from the knees down, the deep puddles were soaking through my shoes, and my cheap umbrella broke as it was blown inside-out by the wind. Now the wind wasn't that bad, but the umbrella was really cheap, dollar store variety that we had bought as extras to have on hand at our outdoor wedding just in case of an needy folks and any inclement weather (thank goodness the weather was perfect then).

Anyhow, I didn't see any other bikers out today, so I don't think I was the only one to take the day off. But one thing people didn't take the day off from was visiting this site. How exciting to reach my highest one day readership yet - 128 hits! Now I don't have the software to keep track of this very religiously, but I do look at the list of referrers every day that the software I have generates (the info is regularly refreshed and hits are only kept for 24 hours). So when I take the time, I count up the hits, and today was the best yet. Thanks for stopping in, hope your enjoying the ride.

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