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Monday, December 22, 2003


Here is wishing everyone a super winter solstice (actually took place sunday), as we celebrate the return of the sun into our lives once again. From this point out the daylight is on the return path, and this will make most people, especially bicycle commuters happy. I would have put up a nice picture of the sunrise where I live, but I don't have one, anyway our little Charlie Brown tabletop tree is so cute, don't ya think? You can still celebrate by burning a yule log, or just turning off the tv and lights, burning a candle and sitting together in peace and contemplation for 30 minutes or so. Or have dinner by candlelight, thats fun too. For more ideas and history check out www.beliefnet.com or School of the Seasons.

I for one can't wait for another month to pass so that once again it will be daylight out when I leave work for my commute home. I don't have any big issues with riding at night, my route is usually well lit, I have the necessary lights on my bike to handle my needs, and the Walnut St Bridge and City Island sure are lit up pretty. But my motivation will certainly increase from now on, and hopefully many others will too, so that more people once again come out and bike, or at least walk more.

On the other hand, I am possesive of my free and clear winter paths, and my solitude through Riverfront Park while night riding home. And I hate to wish for the passage of time as I did above, for time is so precious that I am trying to appreciate it all, good or bad circumstances surrounding it.

Commute song of the day: "Save the Last Dance for Me" by The Drifters

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