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Thursday, December 04, 2003


mmmm, what a gulp of sweet exhaust. It is obvious that a person really needs clean fresh air when bicycle commuting. One is breathing heavily, increasing heart rate, and requiring oxygen not smoke. So you really notice when the person in the car ahead of you is smoking a cigarette and blowing out the window as you pass through the cloud. One full breath in the middle of that mid-ride incline up Market St towards Lemoyne really makes you start.

It also seems that one place in particular assaults me with exhaust fumes on a regular basis (though other places are by no means immune to assaulting me). The I-83 overpass from New Cumberland to Lemoyne is toxic, I think for two reasons. One, it is a highway overpass, lots of cars underneath spewing lots of fumes to me up above. Second, the combination of cars chugging up the overpass from a cold start either from my lane, or the yield lane from I-83, either way a double dose of sput moving in front of me, slow moving up the incline and nowhere to go.

I wonder if my balaclava worn over my mouth is making any difference in filtering some of that sput out of my air? I do believe that these urban counties are required to do emmissions checks on vehicle inspections, I guess I'll see when I take our car in this month. Tomorrow is expected up to 6" of snow, what an introduction to winter riding. Actually I don't know if I will be riding or not in the morning. I have a flu shot appointment and if Sue goes with me, she will drop me off (with the ol' Diamondback) at work, and I can ride home. We'll see what goes.

Bicycle Commuting Song of the Day: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

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