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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I thought my bike was more mature, but she sure has been acting cranky lately. My crank arm came loose again, the same one that fell off before. You'll remember that I acquired a replacement bolt, but it seems to have worked its way off a bit. I suppose this can mean a few things.

One, the threads that the bolt screws into may be stripped, or the casing may be cracked I suppose. This based on the fact I have a new bolt that is performing the same as the old bolt. Or two, I had it tightened incorrectly, as I mentioned I don't have a torque wrench (yet), so perhaps I didn't tighten enough, or maybe too much and caused irreperable harm. Or three, maybe an extra part is missing I don't know about. Is there supposed to be a washer between the bolt and body? This is a possibility I suppose. Anyone have any advice?

Fortunately, I wasn't far from the office on my way home when this happened tonight. I was able to retrace and call Sue for a pick-up. I think I will carry my socket wrench along with me over the next day or two, after I retighten it, in case it comes loose in transit. My Alien tool doesn't have a function for tightening this bolt I discovered, though I really knew this before I pulled it out.

In case you are looking to leave a comment on this or other topics, and have noticed the comments link has disappeared, it's not my fault. The service I have been using, Blogspeak, had its hosting suspended for some unknown reason to me. Supposedly it will be back up this weekend, but there is a possibility it won't be for a while. So I inserted an email link at the end of each post to encourage folks to contact me that way.

Song of the day: "Mad World" by Gary Jules - and if you haven't seen the movie Donnie Darko in which it was featured, you're missing out on an interesting and recommended cinematic experience.

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