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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Featured in Central Penn Business Journal 

Bicycle Commuting Now has been featured in the News and Tidbits section of the Central Penn Business Journal January 9th edition:

Keep on Pedaling

Frank _____ has the perfect plan for shredding those extra holiday calories.

He commutes by bicycle from his home in New Cumberland to his office in Harrisburg. The cold doesn't deter him, although he hops on the bus when it snows.

______, a Fayette County native, said he began pedaling in April and has lost 10 pounds, all without changing his eating habits. He also shaved eight minutes from his 25-minute commute by car. The trip included his walk from a parking lot on City Island to downtown Harrisburg.

_____ chronicles his daily rides at www.bicyclecommutingnow.blogspot.com. His goal is to bring attention to bicycle commuting as a viable option. He also wants to work on his writing. Cetera is a watersheds program coordinator at _______, a conservation group.
- Joel Berg

On another note, quick props to the lock washer that has given me, at least a temporary, reprieve from my loose crank arm. I inserted it between the bolt and the inner casing and it held firm all day, and I expect it to continue to do so. But I know that I can't continue to rely on it indefinitely. And that I'll need to look into a more permanent repair.

Song of the day:"Hard is the Fall" by Jay Farrar (formerly of Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo)

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