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Thursday, January 15, 2004

From The Autonomist 

The Autonomist has discovered Bicycle Commuting Now and I have discovered the Autonomist. From the most recent post:

Bicycle Commuting Now is probably the quintessential blog for the spiritual bicyclist. News items about biking in cold Pennsylvania weather, new parts purchased for Frank's bike, rude motorists, and more Frank opinion fill the page of this website. Having lived in rural, urban and suburban areas, one post I found interesting was on urban sprawl:(See my Jan. 5th Post Little Bicycle Future in Sprawl)

The Automomist then goes on to make a number of very interesting points and observations about cycling in high density urban areas. I encourage you to check out the post Bikes & Cars: Like Oil & Water

While you're there feel free to surf around, lots of good links and posts to peruse.

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