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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


The ice is in force on the road sides and the side roads. Witness my spill on the alley way I use to stay off Bridge St up to 16th. I was going very slow because of the ice, but if you hit a little chunk or ice upheavel in your path, then it throws your line off enough to lose balance on the ice. Which is what happened to me today. Other than a small rip in the knee of my windpants all was fine, but the riding in general was hard.

I stayed off of the roadsides as much as possible because the ice was so difficult, though there were areas I rode through it, such as the snow and ice covered Riverfront Park paths. I guess peds and bikers get no consideration by the city maintenance crews. In fact the road crews even make things worse by tossing snow and ice up from the roadways onto the ped paths in the park where it then refreezes into impassable ice piles. Snow riding is challenging though and the workout increases at least 3-fold. And my knobby mountain bike tires perform well in everything except on pure ice.

My other ice foe was the iced over lock on the gate to access the alley along my office building where I park my bike. I couldn't get in and so had to carry my bike up three floors to my office. At least the Diamondback got a chance to warm up for the first time in weeks. I have to carry some lock deicer with me from now on I guess just in case of this situation.

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