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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


There exists somewhere along a plane of degrees, a point where the convenience of taking the bus during snowy and icy weather becomes an inconvenience. I wish I knew how to predict, though since it is likely due to the intensity and timing of a winter storm, I would be a rich weatherman if I could. In any case, today I experienced this "point" when my bus was not only 30 minutes late, but then took 40 minutes to travel a five minute drive due to the backed up traffic and snowstorm (and then I had a 10 minute walk to my apartment).

Now what can I learn from this, if anything? Maybe I should have just walked, I would have gotten home quicker. Or maybe I should have been on my bike at this point. Really now, even if I would have walked the spots where I was concerned about safety, and walked up the hill that is super slippy, and taken the back streets once into New Cumberland, I still would have been home quicker. But at what cost? It would definitely have wiped me out physically for the night, and the conditions would have put a beating on my bike.

So perhaps this was the outcome for me this time. But if I ever get those studded tires, and if I can figure out just when that "point" will be crossed, then maybe you should just look for me on my bike.

Song of the Day: "Drown" by Son Volt

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