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Friday, January 23, 2004


No I am not depressed, I am talking about the outside temperature during my commute in to work today. Can you believe 6f with a windchill of -10f? I couldn't when I checked after I got to the office. I was pretty ok except for some numb toes from about halfway through the ride until I got into the office. But don't worry mom, nothing worse than I experienced during some of those childhood sled riding stints. And to top it off, I chose today to take my digital camera along to take some pictures of my route to share here in the future. So that meant an extra 10 minutes or so of stops and pulling off a glove, getting the camera out of my pocket, waiting for it to power up, taking the picture, and then getting back on my way. Suffice to say the ride home was much quicker and easier.

So lets have a week in review by the numbers (in honor of my -10 wind chill morning commute):
0: Number of minutes that the temperature rose above freezing this week during my commutes.
1: Tear in my windpants knee after my spill on Tuesday.
2: Tears in my left glove after one opened up right in the middle of my palm yesterday.
3: Number of sunny days that kept me motivated this week
4: Days I commuted this week (Monday was MLK's holiday remember)
5: Number of posts to my blog this week. (this is pretty typical)
12: Stops along the route today to take pictures.
1000: Times I rejoiced at feeling like a kid again, at breathing hard, and at holding at bay the demons of work, winter, and worry.

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