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Monday, January 26, 2004


Blogger, and thus Bicycle Commuting Now, is now available via syndication through the new Atom standard ("Atom is a universal personal content publishing standard created by leading service providers, tool vendors and independent developers" ).

About Atom from the Blogger website:
It's both a new standard for developers, as well as a syndication format or "feed" for your blog. When a regularly updated site such as a blog has a feed, people can subscribe to it using software for reading syndicated content called a "newsreader." People like using readers for blogs because it allows them to catch up on all their favorites at once. Like checking email—without the SPAM.

Atom provides the potential to share your blog with a wider audience. When you activate Atom syndication, Blogger automatically generates a machine-readable version of your blog that can be picked up and displayed in a variety of ways, including newsreaders, web sites and handheld devices.

You can get a list of client software to enable you to start receiving feeds via Atom. The list will presumably grow, and I have no experience with any of the services, so sorry I can't give any guidance. Anyone who has any insight and would like to share with your fellow readers please do. Personally I'm not sure about this service as I don't yet know if pictures are syndicated as well when they are included in posts. I am guessing not, so that may take away from the blog experience. Plus, I am guessing that changes to sidebars and other parts of the blog webpage outside of the posts will be lost to the reader when they are not visiting the actual website. Any comments on this out there?

Alas, no commute today to espouse about. The roads are just too dangerous after last nights snow. Numerous car accidents have been reported throughout the morning, the roadways (and especially the shoulders and sidewalks) are covered, and everyone is moving quite slow. If I had an alternate route to take that would move me away from the main traffic arteries I probably would tuff out the snow, but with having to overpass I-83 and having to funnell down to and cross the Susquehanna via the Market St Bridge, my options are limited. So the bus was for me, and even though it was 10 minutes late and I had to trudge through 4 blocks of unshoveled sidewalks, it was at least a safe way to get into work and to avoid dealing with traffic and conditions on my own.

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