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Monday, January 19, 2004


Well I finally have my Diamondback in one piece again. I made it to a larger homestore this past weekend where I was able to find the 8mm hex-head bolt I needed to secure my seat to the post again. Cost me a whole 69cents, but took me what, 4-5 weeks to run down? I did the deed today with semi-frozen fingers out on my side porch, but it was worth it. I retightened my loosened crank-arm bolt too, but I have to figure it may loosen again until I figure out how tight to make it. Without the torque wrench though? Perhaps, as my brother Michael suggested, I'll go across the street to the mechanic we use for our car and ask to use thiers.

I thought I'd pass along another website that is well known and used at this time of the year among commuters. Icebike, the home of the winter cyclist. The Icebike site is a super resource for winter riding and commuting through all kinds of conditions, for how to dress, and what gear to equip with. News, techniques, and photos are included too, for the curious and the cautious, and those in need of further motivation and inspiration.

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