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Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Change was in the air today. The temp this morning started off at a balmy 39f when I got into work, after a frigid weekend. Yet it was almost frigid once again for the ride home, at least colder than I expected by the end of the day, since I didn't bring my fleece vest, or warmer gloves along. But I wont make that choice tomorrow, cause it is going back into the 20's for a high. Cold, cold January.

I also changed back to my Diamondback today after I picked up a new crank arm bolt from my LBS. It was $1.59 with tax, but well worth it considering I had no other source for this part. Though perhaps I could have found it at one of the larger hardwares, I have yet to make it to one recently. I did not have a torque wrench however to make sure I tightened enough without overtightening, which can be a concern for this repair (see crank arm repair help). The larger frame that actually fits my body, made my limbs feel so much longer and stronger too.

I also was noticing some changes in my body for the first time in a while. Its been some time since I felt any soreness from riding, that occurred mostly in the first week or so of my commuting, and I have been fine ever since. But this weekend, I was fortunate enough to go crosscountry skiing. I got out for an hour in the morning and another 30 min in the afternoon. It may not seem like alot, but x-country skiing is quite a workout in any case. And in my case, a very inexperienced skiier, every movement was twice as strenuous as I was grappling with the techniques. So I woke up sore the last two days and it felt great. Reminds me of the joys of using our bodies on a more regular basis, and getting outside more.

Commute song of the day: "Righteously" by Lucinda Williams

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