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Thursday, January 29, 2004


The mighty Susquehanna isn't the only thing in town covered with ice and snow these days. Though the Susquehanna is covered with big thick ice chunks from shore to shore. Here's a close-up tonight.

What I am talking about though is the pedestrian pathways and sidewalks. The trails in Riverfront Park have received no (as in zero, nadda, zip, zilch) attention since the snow storms earlier this week. Not only is it impossible to bike through the park, it is pretty dang hard to even walk through as the snow rises over your ankles a few inches with every step. And to top it off the sidewalks along the Market St Bridge have also received no attention from the city. Riverfront Park is one thing, as there are adjacent streets and sidewalks along different routes through town. But there are no alternate ways across the river, its either slog through a foot of snow and ice on the sidewalks or get out on the road which I actually saw one person doing yesterday. Thats right, because the city fails to provide safe and clear pedestrian access across the bridges, it forces pedestrians out onto the roadway with the speeding cars. This makes me mad, and disappointed in this city which has been my new home for the past year.

I guess the money budgeted for the Wild West Museum has taken away from yet another needed resident and business service in this town.

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