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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Stress Free Unhealthy Harrisburg? 

Hard to believe from a bicycle commuters point of view, or even any commuters point of view due to the often overwhelming traffic and numerous deadly accidents on Rts. 81 and 83, but the cities Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle have tied for the least stressful metropolitan area in the U.S. according to a BestPlaces study published by Money magazine. Commute times is one of the categories used for the rankings along with suicides, unemployment, theft, weather, alcohol consumption, self-reported mental health and divorce rates. The other winning location was also a multiple city metro area, the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area in New York.

So if Harrisburg is so stress free and a BestPlace to live, how come it wasn't ranked in the Rating Guide of Environmentally Healthy Metro Areas conducted by Organic Style magazine and reported last October? I know different criteria may have been used, but how can Harrisburg be #1 on one list and not even crack the top 125 on the other? Sate College did come in at 35 in the Healthy Cities report and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were 118 and 120 respectively.

Somebody is fooling somebody, don't you think?

The other unfortunate part of the Healthy Cities report indicated that the mid-atlantic stretching from new york down to south carolina and west to indiana is the worst region (of the 10 the U.S. was broken up into for the study) in relation to health in America. This is an indication of pollution mainly, and the east coasts condition is attributed to industry emissions of course, as well as air pollution from the midwest. Breathe full people, ride hard and breathe full!

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