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Thursday, February 05, 2004


Good news about improvements to the traffic flow and pedestrian access to City Island (from the Central Penn Business Journal):

City Island access to improve

The Market Street Bridge ramps to and from City Island are in line for a $1 million upgrade, according to Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed’s office. The project, slated to begin in the summer, would replace and widen the Market Street Bridge underpass on the island and expand and upgrade the entrance and exit ramps to the island. Crews also would resurface the bridge roadway and create walkways for pedestrians. Federal funds will foot the entire bill, Reed said in a statement. Work is expected to begin in mid-August and wrap up in spring 2005. Work would be done in stages to mitigate the effect on traffic. The island gets 1 million visitors a year, Reed said. Construction bids will be issued in the spring. The state Department of Transportation’s District 8 office will manage the project. -- Staff report

City Island could be a great resource for the City, if this any many other improvements like basic maintenance are undertaken. A big improvement that would benefit me as a bike commuter would be the renovation of the Walnut St Bridge connecting the West Shore with City Island. As you can see below, this view from the Market St Bridge along my route, shows the Walnut St Bridge falling off to nothing which is a result of large ice flows and buildup a few years back that destroyed a large section of the bridge. Farther north in the picture is the Harvey Taylor Bridge, my other possible crossing point over the Susquehanna.

Once on City Isalnd you notice the brand new sign welcoming folks to the park, and in the distance the Walnut St Bridge on the east side of the island. I get off Market St here and roll through the island to get over to, and use, the Walnut St Bridge to get to Harrisburg. And who can miss the large expanse of cars in the midground, commuters who park on the island and walk into town for work. Who can blame them? If you're going to drive you can save $20-$30 per month minimum on parking at City Island vs. downtown, and still enjoy a beautiful 10-20 minute walk across the Susquehanne and through downtown.

Song of the Day: "What if God Was One of Us?" by Joan Osborne

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