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Friday, February 27, 2004


Today the floodgates of psuedo-spring opened wide in Harrisburg. Runners aplenty to require keeping a count, random bicyclists overrunning sidewalks everywhere, and even one commuter along the Market St Bridge (the only cyclist with a helmet spotted today). And even more questionably, the car parking lot on City Island was brimming with vehicles. I don't know why, but it seems that when the weather betters itself, more people park on City Island. Is this because they choose the Island over the downtown because they want to enjoy the walk? Do they switch when it is an easier walk, to save some cash from the more expensive and closer to work lots they park in during the winter? Or is there some other possibility?

As for myself, I finished the week off from cycle commuting in, due to resting up from the bike-car incident last Friday. I hope to hop back on Monday, but I do have to work on the crank arm replacement on my Diamondback in order to make it so. My Giant will be out of commission for the time being, as it needs a new pedal from the accident. So thank goodness for the 50+ temps we are expecting this weekend. I have no excuse, except for sleeping in, taking a nap, working on computer and personal publishing projects, and more not to get out and work on my bike. And also perhaps do some spring maintenance on my car. I mean, I am not car free by any stretch, and I won't ever be as long as we are driving cross state regularly to visit family and friends. So if I gotta have a car, I gotta maintain it. We're due for new spark plugs and we'll see what else.

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