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Thursday, February 26, 2004


I finally got around to working on bcn's layout, as I mentioned I would awhile back. And I think the changes are good for the time and effort I put in. I moved links and archives up and into the left column, so they are more present without having to scroll far down. I also reduced and changed font sizes in a number of places.

The biggest additions are the "nav bars" at the top and bottom of the page. Of course, there is only one page to this blog (except for the archives), but now visitors can see what is available instead of trying to scroll down and discover everything. And of course they can click for a quick link down to that section or to visit the guestbook for example.

And the innovative addition for the time being is the "Current Posting Status" bar. I must say one of my pet peeves in regard to blogs is when someone off and quits posting for awhile and leaves you no indication that either they are gone, or when they might be back. Well to go a step further, the posting status bar tells new readers what to expect as far as frequency and timing of posts will occurr. I think it is a nice courtesy to the reader, nothing less than you would expect from a newsletter or magazine that publishes on a schedule, and still allowing the blogger all the convenience and flexibility of changing thier schedule as needed, simply by changing the posting status bar info and highlights. I haven't seen anything similar on any other blogs, so I'll consider it a blogging innovation until someone tells me otherwise : )

I am working on a number of new features such as the "feature post", where I will put a past post to entice readers to check out the archives, and a "photo center" where I can better present photos from my posts in a collection for easy reference and viewing once they reach the archives. Also publishing the archives as seperate pages so I can adjust the layout template on them to match up with the main page. One question I have is how to remove the white space from between the body columns? Anyone have a clue? I've tried adjusting padding and margin, what else?

Song of the Day: "Head On" by The Jesus and Mary Chain

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