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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


After 2 weeks or so of cold, snow and ice, the weather has improved and one can actually taste spring in the air, though its just an appetizer at this point, and less like a real appetizer from the menu and more like the free fried noodles at a chinese restaurant, or the free chips and salsa at a mexican place. Just a tease.

I thought that I had enough riding on the streets downtown and wanted to get back into Riverfront Park, and since the city trucks had pounded down some paths in the snow, and much of it had melted it wouldn't be a problem. And I was kind of looking forward to playing in it, maybe a few slides and plowing through what snow was left between the paths.

To get into the park though I was faced with over a foot high and a similar width of plowed snow on the edge of the road blocking my entrance, but not to be deterred I figured I'd take it headon and hop it, and I almost did, but my back wheel just clipped the pile enough to throw me sideways and I lost it on the slippery stuff on the other side. Thankfully it was more snow than ice and my snow fall was a soft one this time.

Well my Journey into work ends as I cut out of Riverfront and move up a side alley road where I emerge onto 3rd with the grand view of the Pennsylvania Capitol building looming up in front of me. Although I don't always agree with what goes on inside that building, and often feel estranged from our governments process, even when I am in such close proximity to the location, you can't help but be inspired by the architecture. Gotta take a tour someday.

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