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Monday, February 16, 2004


My tool order arrived today from Lickton's Supply Co. at Lickbike.com that will allow me to properly fix my crank arm issue (I need to remove the pedal and connect to the new crank arm, and attach the new left crank arm to the bike). In addition, I gotta check my chain, cassette and derailleurs because I have been having more chain shift issues lately. Part of that problem may just be that I need to do a cleaning and lube job on the chain and related systems, but its still been too cold. This holiday weekend didn't afford me any time either (traveled yesterday to welcome our new nephew Jaden into the world, congratulations Kim and Joe) and the temps dropped back into the 20's, but that shouldn't last long.

So my order in comprised of the Park CWP-6 Multi Crank Puller, the Park PW-3 Pedal Wrench, the Park CC-2 Chain Gauge, a set of 2 Sugino 8mm Crank Bolts with built-in Caps, and a tube of Finish Line Grease. Seperately, I bought a torque wrench from Sears' Craftsmen line as well, for proper tightening of the crank bolts and whatever else I need proper tightening for. Plus I'll get some use out of this torque wrench for car repairs and maintenance too. I'll add these to my spending totals section in the right column when I get a chance, and I am going to do a quick total of what our car expenses have been for the past year so I can do a quick compare. These tool purchases, though, are an investment and well worth the price, considering what I would have likely paid in labor if I would have taken the bike to an LBS for these repairs.

I should mention that I chose Lickton's for my order because they were the first site I came across (after checking 5 or 6 others) that had the new CWP-6 Crank Puller from Park, whereas all the other sites (including my LBS) either had only the older version (CWP-5) or a different version that wasn't as versatile in its capabilities. I also really liked the Lickton's site because the menus were really easy and intuitive and the site was neat and clean. And best of all you could see pictures of each item in stock, that's super.

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