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Thursday, February 19, 2004


Underestimating Bicycle Speed 1

True Story: Crossing the I-83 overpass from Lemoyne in New Cumberland, the road changes from 1 lane, to 1 lane with a right-turn and a left-turn lane at the crest of the hill. As I crest the hill, I move over into the lane (which is quite wide) about 1/2 of the way, to que up in the straight lane at the stop light past the overpass. A vehicle approaches from behind and uses the left-turn lane to attempt to pass me and get in front of me at the que, obviously underestimating my speed and right to the road, because he ends up along side of me instead of in front of me as we near the back end of the que, and I have to whistle to get his attention to prevent him from squeezing me over further.

True Hope: Said driver will respect my right to the roadway and will correctly learn to estimate the speed of a bicyclist in a roadway situation; or at the least give the biker the benefit of the doubt when attempting to pass them.

Underestimating Bicycle Speed 2

True Tale: I am cruising through Lemoyne when a driver coming in the opposite direction crosses the road in front of me for a turn. Driver chooses to turn even as he sees me approaching and I make eye contact with him; driver then proceeds to take the turn quite slow and I pass near the rear of his vehicle as I continue on my route.

True Hope: Driver will learn to properly estimate the speed of an approaching bicycle from the opposite direction and will be patient enough to wait until bicyclist passes to begin to turn. Especially when there are no vehicles behind biker to further hold up the turning driver!

Song of the Day: "Sunshine on my Shoulders" by John Denver

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