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Monday, February 23, 2004


Simply and straightout, I was hit by a car on Friday. To put things more into perspective, I was swiped by a car's passenger sideview mirror, while they were attempting to squeeze past me and oncoming traffic on 3rd Street in Lemoyne. This occurred on Friday during my commute home from work, and resulted in my taking a spill near the side of the roadway. Thankfully, this section is slow moving as traffic is usually backed up and I was not seriously injured. A few scrapes and a bruised and sore shoulder hopefully are the worst of it, (my ER doc thinks so at this point at least). I also scraped up my helmet, and put a hole in my wind pants and jacket.

I don't plan on getting into any major rants of the driver here, because she was quite considerate at the incident. The driver expressed her sincere (I perceived) regret, and empathy (from being a runner), and offered to give me a ride home and pay for any damages. We exchanged contact info and I pedalled home. My bike seems ok, except for the left pedal which may be bent. Of course I reserve the right to get into much more detail if she fails to follow through on her promises (Scarlet Letter anyone?). And the police did take a record of my call when I got home about the incident.

Of course if there is ever an example for a call for better driver education and relicensing in Pennsylvania (and probably elsewhere) this is it. As I explained to the driver that I was entitled to the full lane, and that when I give the left hand downward signal I am motioning slow, she expressed complete ignorance of such rules and signalling. Remember car drivers: BICYCLISTS ARE ENTITLED TO THE FULL LANE, CHANGE LANES TO PASS. Perhaps changing our "share the road" signs to this designation, and getting more bicyclist signage up will help the matter and can be an advocvacy activity for me in the future.

Let me not dwell unecessarily on this incident, especially in this blog, but let me promise to follow-up on it appropriately.

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