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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


You'll notice a slight change in bcn's byline above. Where it used to read something to the effect of "Day-to-day antics, hysterics and views from Harrisburg/South Central PA, (with a touch of gardening for pizzazz)"; You'll now notice that the gardening aspect has been replaced with "promoting Bicycle Commuting and other sustaining lifestyle choices as viable options in today's culture". And although I will still be including gardening as an important part of a bicycling and sustainable lifestyle that I write about, the change better reflects the holistic approach that it is important we all take to provide more cohesive and beneficial communities all around us.

I have been struggling with thoughts as to how exactly I can better promote bicycling as a viable option, with the time and resources I have available. This blog is a great opportunity, but how do I get people not already interested in bicycling to read it. How do I get those car drivers who see me every day to get out of thier vehicles and join me on two wheels? I was watching TV this evening and noticed a car commercial that attempts to show youthful extravagence, in what I view as a traditionally progressive and counter commercial culture activity of a rock band or simply cruising with their friends on a road trip, as gawking and desiring the new car over thier outgoing, happy-go-lucky, simpler life that they were enjoying before the car came into view. As if life stops at a certain point and we all become grade A consumers and move past "childish" ways. And it was offensive to someone who is attempting to live simply and happily and maintain a semblance of fun in their lives. Do those youth really desire that new SUV enough to quit spending thier time happily and to instead start working two jobs in order to make the minimum payments?

Perhaps we might turn the tables around and show the exact opposite. I can imagine a commercial that shows an SUV driving middle aged, overweight, stressed out office worker, gawking out the window at a bicycle commuter who is happy and healthy and avoiding the traffic jams, and getting home to family sooner. But what will it take to get to that point? I wish I knew. And its a blog for another day.

Back to my question on exposure for bcn however, I've thought of 1 other option, going hard copy. That's right converting bcn into a zine for gfree distribution around town. Then maybe more folks will pick it up to read during lunch, to take home and set on the family table, or to pass around the office. I have to think out the plan for this, but I think it will be a good addendum to my online efforts.

Song of the Day: "Come Together" by Primal Scream, although it's been co-opted by a commercial recently too.

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