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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Spent 1 hour the other day tearing down the drive train of my Diamondback to get to the bottom bracket. I pulled off the cranks, removed the chain (with the chain tool from my Alien multi), and removed the bottom bracket. And lo and behold, the source of the creaking noise on each down pedal was indeed the bb. The inner spindle was definitely loose within the bb main body, and it being a cartridge type, I was forced to accept the fact I would need a new one.

My LBS didn't have one in stock, so had to put it on order. That was last monday, and they said the order would go out on Tuesday, with an outlook of about 4 days for the new bb to come in. So any day now would work just fine. As I just got my Harrisburg Bicycle Club membership card, I'm looking forward to the 10% discount it entitles me to at Bushey's, maybe I'll pick up a few other things I have been longing for such as a better travel pump, and a new patch kit, or maybe not.

After I had everything off I cleaned off the chain and cranks and gears, cause they were getting pretty rusty from the winter conditions. I hope no permanent damage was done, that will teach me to keep better maintenance throughout the cold and wet seasons. And to top things off, I popped three more spokes on my blue Giant yesterday. You might remember I had this problem when I started riding the Giant way back last year, cause it was so old and unused before I started using it. Well a few more spokes have reached their end, and now I gotta take some time to get them replaced soon. Looks like I'll be using alternate arrangements into work until next week.

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