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Monday, March 15, 2004


Once you become accustomed to riding around town, and riding in traffic, things become easier from a commuting point of view. Of course, one must always be aware and on one's toes, as any car driver should be as well. Which is why it is nice to be able to relax when you get to your destination, by being able to quickly and easily park and lock up your bike, by being able to find a bike rack for the purpose, and being confident your bike is safe and out of the way. Unfortunately that is not always an easy thing to do around these parts. I rode cross town once for a meeting at an office building only to find a full parking garage but no bike parking options available. Except of course for the rig your own bike space which we all have to use at some point. After all there can't be a bike rack in front of every building.

However, in front of public buildings is another story. I think we should be able to expect it, and I think by the evidence in this picture it is sorely needed. Take a look at the downtown Harrisburg Dauphin County Library branch and you'll notice three bikes locked up outside along the curb to traffic signs and light posts. It is obvious that bicycles are in use here and someone should make amenities for such. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer to have my bike locked up in a proper rack away from traffic, a rack that I can recognize easily upon my arrival at my destination, as opposed to have to go searching for a stop sign or unused lamp post down the block. What do you think?

Song of the Day: "Burning Photographs" by Ryan Adams

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