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Tuesday, March 16, 2004


A trip after work yesterday to my local LBS notified me that my Diamondback has a cartridge style bottom bracket. So on one hand I won't have to deal with a full bottom bracket overhaul which would probably take me an hour plus and require numerous new tools, on the other hand I probably will have to replace the cartridge and thus lose the opportunity to benefit from maintaining what I currently have. I won't know this for sure until I get into removing the bracket, or at least trying to tighten it first now that I have the right tool to do so. I picked up a Pyramid Pro brand cartridge BB tool that fits Shimano and Isis. I hadn't heard of this tool brand before though, but it was what the LBS had in stock, so does anyone know anything about Pyramid Pro?

Today the weather was a full 180 from yesterday, a late winter snowstorm that dumped 3-4 inches of wet snow rain mix on us and made the roads rough for everyone. I drove for sure out of concern for safety as I didn't see one municipal worker or homeowner or business owner cleaning off the roads or sidewalks, I guess everyone just figured it was a quick blow through that would be gone by tomorrow (as it probably will all melt away as the temps are expected to rise again in the next 24 hours).

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