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Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I posted ages ago about how one of the Tire Flares I bought (from a set of 2 for the front and back wheel) stopped working soon after I started using it. I sent it back for a replacement then heard nothing for too many weeks. Finally I got a response that the customer service department was shorthanded and that they were sorry I wasn't given a proper reply. But they did agree to replace the malfunctioning Tire Flare once they came back into stock (seems the white ones are selling out). Well today it finally came in the mail, and I hereby give kudos to Firetire.com for following through appropriately. Although its not dark anymore these days during my commute, but they will surely come in handy again next year when I am looking for that extra visibility during my night commutes home.

Just to finish a quick post, I am sorely out of commission for a day or two due to a bad bout with a stomach flu, so forgive if posts are lacking in length and reliability this week. I'll try my bestest!

Oh, yeah and I did succeed in planting some bike fuel seed this past weekend as I hoped to. In the ground are snow peas, different head and leaf lettuces, about 6 seed of spinach, all I had left over in an envelope from last year, a few broccoli and cabbage seed as well. Wish them luck this early in the spring! I did cover with row cloth to give the best fighting chance from the colds, and winds. I then scattered some mustard greens and turnip greens seeds in the other two beds to finish off my first gardening day of the new year.

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