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Monday, March 01, 2004


Keystone Biking bills itself as the "on-line forum for Pennsylvania bicyclists", and although a great goal, its not quite their yet. Available forums, reader submitted stories and articles, video clips from state biking events, and a neat bike geeks section that provides hi-tech resources for bikers, are all full of promise, but need your participation as PA cyclists to flourish. Conspicuously absent is any focus on commuting, though there are a few advocacy articles of a different focus worth checking out. Also welcome would be a commuting/advocacy forum in the forums area. Hey PA cycylists, drop in and check out the site, and give your support for more commuting attention.

I switched in my new crank arm last night, no problem really, but I didn't have a socket with an 8mm hex head so that I could use my new torque wrench for proper tightening. I had an allen key with an 8mm end, but that wouldn't do. So it was a quick trip to Sears to pick up the socket, and then I finished up under the porch light, which was so possible because the temps got up to near 60 yesterday! So I went out for a test ride, and lo, the cranks were louder than they have ever been. I don't think it is the bottom bracket based on what I read, but that there must be some other loose item down there somewhere. I hope to take a look soon. But I am still off the bike due to my shoulder still not back to 100%. I am going to give it the rest of the week with no stressting to determine if I really need to re-visit the Doc or not.

Song of the day: "Farmhouse" by Phish

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