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Monday, March 29, 2004


Ed Hidden, 32
New Cumberland

D&H Distributing – 2525 N. 7th Street, Harrisburg
Commute – 18 miles
Specialized Allez Comp

I use a Blackburn Rack and Performance Panniers to carry clothes back and forth to work. It’s a little extra weight, but in the summer, I don’t have a backpack resting on my sweaty back and I don’t have to plan ahead to stash clothes at work. (I’m a chronic procrastinator so if I can’t take it with me at the last minute, I probably wouldn’t ride.)

1) Why do you commute? How Long have you been Commuting? I’ve been commuting off and on for about 3 years now. I wouldn’t even have really considered myself a commuter cause my number of actual trips doesn’t add up to a whole lot! Now I live farther away (or it seems farther since it’s up on top of one of the biggest hills on the West Shore).

2) There are many opportunities for improving bicycle commuting resources
in the Harrisburg metro area, what would you like to see?
I’m not a big fan of bike lanes. Most of the times, the regional government seems to think that bicycling and pedestrian traffic should share the same paths. Which is an accident waiting to happen. A vehicle traveling an average of 14mph doesn’t belong in the same lane with 3mph traffic. Wider traffic lanes would nice. Better cared for grates and potholes on the sides of the road would help out as well.

Obviously, a tax credit has been talked about for years for bicycle commuters. I would probably start logging more miles to save some extra cash. Incentives are always nice!

3) Do you believe bicycle commuting would help relieve downtown parking
issues/rush hour traffic issues? Why?
Bicycle commuting would help relieve some downtown issues, but I think you run into a problem of how would you convince enough people to make a difference. The biggest relief would be for the people actually commuting. There is nothing more satisfying then passing a long line of parked cars waiting for their turn at the traffic light.

4) Do you think promoting bicycling could provide a draw for tourists
(and an economic benefit) to Harrisburg (especially with Riverfront Park,
and Harrisburg's Capital Area Greenbelt in development)? Why?
hmmm…. Riverfront is already a popular biking destination for out of town people during the season. What might be better is for shops to get more bicycle friendly to encourage people in/near the city to use a bike for trips.

5) Any other Stories and Tips you would like to share about your
commuting experience?
I have to give you a big thank you for contacting KeystoneBiking with your article. It’s been inspirational for me to “get off my duff” and start riding to work again. Today I started riding to work again. I figure if you can ride year-round, then I can certainly ride now that spring has hit. It was better then my morning coffee!

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