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Thursday, March 18, 2004


I took an opportunity the other day, when it was a little warmer, and before the snowy/icy winter encore strode into town, to snake through town in the morning with the ole digital camera and catch some bike photos when they presented themselves. I don't have these downloaded fully and ready to post but I'll get to it some time in the next few weeks, once I'm able to snap up a few more and make a nice little bikes in Harrisburg portfolio. Perhaps this can be my first photo series, sort of focusing on an important aspect of a sustainable life that gets easily overlooked in everyday life. Bicycles and their riders are out there, granted not in the numbers they should be, nor the numbers that present themselves in other more enlightened? parts of the country, but they should be given some more notice and this is going to be one way to do it.

I think my other series of photos this summer is going to be on urban vegetable gardens. This is a beast that is in even better hiding than the bicycles, for where they are, they can't usually be seen, thus hidden in someone's yard. But once again, an important part of a sustainable life. If only folks could see that people are growing thier own food, that it is possible, that there are people who can be resources for such an enterprise in their own yards, perhaps more food would be grown. Healthy, organic, and bright food, dripping with dew and juices when picked fresh.

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