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Tuesday, March 02, 2004


As of today:

"Mayor Stephen Reed says potholes are already being repaired, but the city needs your help to fix them all. If you see a pothole, call the Pothole Hotline to notify the city. The hotline number is 255-3050"

So fellow bicycle commuters, don't hesitate to call if you come across any of these beasts along your route. Don't wait for the car drivers to do all the reporting cause it might not get done. Although the way people baby thier cars and worry about money to fix them (possibly from potholes) they probably do a fairly good job of calling the hotline. The difference though, is that when a car hits a pothole, the shocks and suspension take a beating, but if a bicyclist hits a pothole their body as well as their bike can take the beating, both from popping down on that seat and from taking a header over the handlebars. The weather is changing, and its nice to lolly along enjoying the springish breeze and viewing the sites, as opposed to rushing home to get out of the sub-freezing temps, but don't forget to keep an eye on the road and another on the vehicles sharing the road with you.

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