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Thursday, March 11, 2004


Another Man's Commute, my article detailing my commute and certain issues surrounding it and bicycle commuting in general, is up at Keystone Biking as a feature article. I am sure as avid readers you ahave all read it before here on bcn (August 9, 2003 post), but you should check out the Keystone Biking site anyway just to say hi and build the community.

As for not so good news, from Central Penn Business Journal Daily March 11, 2004:

West Shore Chamber Doesn't Back Rail Plan

At a meeting this morning, the West Shore Chamber of Commerce weighed in against CorridorOne, the commuter railroad proposed for Central Pennsylvania. "We support the vision of having a regional rail mass-transit system at some point in the future. But we don't support the work that has been done in favor of CorridorOne," said David Bihl, chairman of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce. In the chamber's view, the push for CorridorOne appears to stem more from the availability of government funding than from a demonstrated need, Bihl said. The chamber's decision is disappointing, said John Ward, president of the Modern Transit Partnership and CorridorOne's leading advocate. But it won't derail the system, he said. Chambers in Carlisle, Harrisburg and Lancaster have supported CorridorOne. -- Joel Berg

Of course, to be fair, the Chamber admits to supporting some sort of rail system in the future, but the article doesn't give any more details about that. What I would like to point out is how can you live on the West Shore, surrounded by 3 major roadways, where lives are seemingly lost weekly from traffic accidents, and trips during rush hours can delay you seemingly forever (if you are in a car, wink), and not think there is a demonstrated need? How can you live anywhere in America and not feel a need to reduce the number of cars on the roadways, and provide alternative forms of transportation? Of course the plan stems from available funding, that's what the funding is there for. Obviously, from a bicycle commuter's p.o.v., I don't need to stress how I feel the need for fewer cars on the road which would result from available mass transit, do I?

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