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Monday, April 19, 2004


I finally broke down today and bought a new chain, a Z-Chain brand, if that tells you anything. I tried and tried, I really did to save the old chain, though it was my faulty that it succumbed to the winter elements, but I couldn't get out some super tight links and it was in such dirty shape in general, that as soon as I put the new chain on, I noticed a 100% world of change. Shifting problems were not as big, the drive was quieter, and no chain jumping going on. I guess sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. The chain did come lubed up with a wet lube, and I think I like that better than the dry lube I had bought and was trying, though maybe thats just because of the change in chains.

I can now report that the paper zine version of bcn is available and is being distributed locally this week. It is basically a compilation of posts from this blog from January and February, as I've described before, but it is meant to advocate for bicycle commuting to a larger local audience. Hopefully in the spirit of zines, it will get passed around and recopied and shared, cause I could only afford to print up 100 copies at this time. If you would like to receive a copy to share with anyone just visit the link top-left column and you'll get set up. Today copies were left at Holmes' Bike shop, where I picked up my chain, and at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill, just down the block from Holmes'. More stops on the way home tomorrow. 13 locations in all, 7 copies at each location, with a few in reserve for whatever pops up.

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