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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Final distribution of the paper zine version of bcn has taken place over the last few days. Copies have been dropped off at :
Neato Burrito locations in both Harrisburg (2nd Street) and New Cumberland
Avatar's natural foods grocery in New Cumberland
Midtown Cinema on Reilly St in Harrisburg, and
Bushey's Cycling in Lemoyne.

Please support these businesses and institutions that support biking and cycle commuting.

Unfortunately, I was pretty much turned away from the Downtown Harrisburg branch of the Dauphin County Library System. I was polite and asked to post my zines in the entryway where lots of other brochures and posts were located (maybe next time I shouldn't ask). I was told that it had to be a non-profit only, which I am though not officially, and then when I showed my zine and described it, I was told no. And when I asked "why?", was told that there was no space, which was clearly not the case. I then succeeded in getting a copy placed aside for the director to look at, but haven't heard anything in the last week. What a community institution huh?

Song of the Day: "Take It to the Limit" by The Eagles

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