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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


You may have noticed the re-construction of the Harvey Taylor Bridge over the past year (you couldn't have missed it if you spent any time in and through Harrisburg). I don't know what the Bridge and the adjoining ped ways looked like or were designed like before the re-construction, because I moved here during the event, but I had the opportunity to explore the bridge recently and was pleased to see that the adjoining ped ways were wide enough for two, even if one of those two were bikes. And the surface of the ped ways even lets us know that. Unfortunately some of the half-hearted attempts at laying down a layer of some sort of concreteish material in the form of a biker and a walker are already starting to fall apart. The nice bright yellow dividing line down the middle of the pathway however, is strong and clear, and should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that they shouldn't walk or ride down the middle of this space. That's good news for all of us that often wonder what the person in front of us is going to do when we start to pass and give the old "passing!" shout out. Also good news is the substantial barrier dividing the ped way from the roadway, security for sure. Overall, I like crossing the H.T. Bridge more so than the Market or Walnut as it gives one a gloriously epic feeling, being higher up and looking upriver at a view of unbroken river and islands, unequaled at the further downriver bridge crossings.

A long view of the Harvey Taylor Bridge into harrisburg with the rounded State Museum building seen in the background. The biker is Paul, whom I just met during our morning crossing of the HT Bridge. He had just started commuting recently, way to go Paul!

Here you can see what I mean as the little biker dude has already lost his head and part of his wheel.

That glorious view I mentioned earlier, unbroken and inspiring.

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