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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

TAX TIME and HR 1265 

Posts will be light this week as I take evenings to sift through my taxes, and prepare for Uncle Sam. I don't mind paying taxes and I don't mind doing the paperwork, but it just seems a bit too complicated for the average citizen. I have a graduate degree and am good at reading comprehension, but it takes me forever to understand some of these rules and guidelines, and search down the different and necessary forms.

While we are talking about taxes, please take the time to learn more about House Bill 1265 which would extend the Bicycle Commuter Act's transportation fringe benefit in the tax code to bicycle commuters. We're talking a $65 per month tax break for bike commuters, which would easily cover regular bike commuting costs. And to be fair, it would only give the same benefits that are already available to car-poolers and mass-transit users.

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