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Friday, May 14, 2004


I certainly can't let the opportunity to promote Bike to Work Week pass by. Of course, I think the reasons are obvious, less reliance on gasoline and the associated prices, regular exercise built into your day without having to pay for a gym membership, the opportunity to build and experience community to a greater degree, saving money on parking and car maintenance, etc, etc. And that's just the practical stuff, not to mention the spiritual and ethical.

So check out www.bike-to-work.com, or www.bike2work.com for all the details for Bike to Work Week, May 16-22. Here's a sample:

"Bike to Work wins U.N. Best of Practices recognition. This spring in Barcelona, Spain the Santa Cruz Bike to Work/School effort will be on display at a Best of Practices forum. We were the only U.S. program selected."

And to make life easier on any beginning cyclists out there, I offer my services over the next week to help you plan your route and answer any questions you may have. I know that often there are places along a route that don't fall into any nice categories, missing shoulders, one-way streets, excessive speeds, etc, so drop a line and I'll be happy to give my advice, or offer alternatives for your commute. I will be busy much of the weekend recertifying my Wilderness First Responder training, but will try to check the site a few times for comments, and my email as well. Happy riding and commuting.

If you'll be doing a bike to work week this year, stop by Bike to Work Week.org and add your event there.
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