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Thursday, May 20, 2004


Here's a few shots of some bikes spied around town recently. It's a good thing to realize that I haven't run out of photo opportunities of bikes in the radius of my semi-usual routes to work. This means there are a few people out there riding to be proud of. And that there's even more photo possibilities waiting just over the horizon to share with readers and citizens of Harrisburg.

I don't think this is the only way into this parking area, cause the other vehicles present (that you can't see in this shot) wouldn't fit through this gate. But it is a cool shot I think, and a great parking spot for whoever rides that bicycle into work. Locked to a bike rack in a private parking lot, with the area gated off and locked from the main sidewalk on Second St. I walked by many times before I peered in and found this two-wheeler.

Here's another bike rack being put to good use, though you may ask "why are the bikes parked sideways, thus not allowing room for more bikes?". Well this is in a fairly narrow alley at the YMCA downtown, and if they were parked perpendicular on the rack it would not let ped traffic easily through the alley.

A little touch of color to brighten up the day as you look at the ballasts lining this walkway near a downtown primary school. I'd feel safe walking or riding on this walk, though I still don't think that it's safe enough to leave your bike unlocked like this one.

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