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Monday, May 03, 2004


The Cycling Dude has picked up on my frustrations about cyclists who don't know or follow the rules of the road, and who put themselves and those around us in danger. Thanks for the encouragement, Dude! Check out his comments here.

So, Frank, cheer up! You are not alone in the Bloggerverse, and with a link listed here others will learn of, and appreciate, your efforts, and opinions. :-)

Ditto, Dude!

Although it is so easy to keep sharing these bad examples. This weekend, I saw maybe 6 or 7 cyclists out (2 or 3 were commuters on Friday evening going home from work). Two casual riders on Saturday were heading out on the wrong side of the road, right into traffic and without helmets (and one without lights late at night as he crossed through a stop sign without stopping either). The other which disturbs me more, was a roadie done up with a nice bike, spandex and looking the part, pumping fast down the road in front of my house, and hugging the parked cars along the right side of the road, thus encouraging squeezing from car drivers. C'mon girl, smarten up, set an example by taking the lane and make the roads safer for us all. Oh yeah, and if you are going to swerve in and out of the parked cars to get nearer the curb in cases, at least use hand signals to let drivers know when your coming in and out.

Anyway, back to the Cycling Dude, you should check the site out cause there is a good collection of biker blogs being logged there that you can further check out, and the site is just plain well done. The biker blog universe is growing, and the bcn universe locally is getting a few more hits from the paper zine as well. Peace.

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