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Sunday, May 02, 2004


Posted this at Bike Forums tonight, thought I'd cross-post here to see if anyone has any help.

"Front Derailleaur and Chainrings out-of-line After BB Replacement"

"So after I took all the time to learn how, and to replace my cartridge bottom bracket, I hop back on this week to regain my commute, and I start to hear a slight click on each downward left side pedal. It contined the same for the next day and when I" tried to discover the issue by simulating a pedaling on my porch I couldn't hear the sound. On closer inspection, I notice that my chain is slightly rubbing up against the derailleur cage at a certain cycle where my chainring has a slight bend to it. I can't adjust the derailleur in any further because the screw is at its limit.

Am I stuck at having to get new chainrings, or a new front derailleur, or is it the bottom bracket (a wrong fit)? Any help is appreciated, thanks

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