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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Granted, this link is not to a radio station in the Harrisburg area (instead coming from WNNX Atlanta), but it gives a good indication of the insensitivity that many people hold towards bicyclists on the road, and how that can be manifested and grown out of control. I don't know what these dj's are thinking, but so many of thier arguments seem flawed, though I am not about to take the time right now to disect them. But for him to advocate smoking some weed, getting in your car, and having fun by nudging cyclists off the road (audio clip #2) is just plain wrong. If anyone suggested and undertook playing bumper cars with another vehicle besides a bicycle, noone would stand for it.

The clips are mp3 files so you'll need an appropriate player. You probably have one with your cumputers built in windows media player, if not do a search for free mp3 player on the web and you'll find one to download and install. The files also take a little while to load so be patient, and be prepared for your stomach to turn when you hear these idiots laughing about all this.


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