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Sunday, May 09, 2004


Took the opportunity this weekend to try and figure out how to adjust my index shifting and my alignment of my chain through my front derailleur, where it was rubbing the inner parts on each revolution. I started by shifting to the middle chain ring, and trying to adjust the inner wire tension by turning the barrel adjuster on the shift lever. This had no effect as it was already at its max position. So I loosened the inner wire at the derailleur pinch point, pulled tension with a pair of pliers, and that provided enough length to be able to adjust the barrell, and the derailleur moved inward and the chain cleared.

But then, when I tested the inner and outer chainrings for shifting and clearance, I had trouble with both. After lots of messing around at both ends of the chainrings' range, I decided the following, give up on the inner ring. I couldn't get all three to adjust perfectly, and so since I rarely use the inner chainring, I sacrificed it, and adjusted the outside chainring shifting and clearance. So now I effectively have two chainrings that work. Not a big deal for my use, but I still have the fact that something is not back to normal, and if it is the bottom bracket that is the wrong length, I have no desire right now to get it exchanged and switch it out again. I know that my chainrings are slightly warped as well, so maybe thats the culprit too. I think the only way I might get it all cleared up is to change out the whole drive train, not a pleasant prospect.

Well, I am rideable at the moment, and with gardening season, canoe sojourn season, and summer travel season in hand, I don't have any extra time for bike repairs. I also came to realize how difficult it is to try drive train repairs like I was doing this weekend without a repair stand. That might be a good investment in the next year.

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