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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Biking or walking around town always gives a new perspective, and often ends you up in places you hadn't expected. You also might be surprised to find little corners of being, and amenities for pedestrians that you wouldn't find if you were in your car. Here's an example. This passageway, so long ago marked "NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES", is still under use by both walkers and bicyclists. The paint may have faded but the purpose hasn't, and with the proliferation of vehicles and dangerous roads these days, it is more relevant than ever.

So who knows where this is at? Any takers? C'mon and show your knowledge of the byways of Harrisburg, and fill in our fellow bikers to this little passageway.

Here is the entrance to the passage with a single little ballast holding down the fort.

"Go Towards the Light", and you'll make it safely to the other end.

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