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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


bICYCLE cOMMUTING nOW is officially on hiatus, not permanently I hope. I started this blog to help me keep motivated for commuting to work, but now it feels as if it takes time away from that. I should be doing routine maintenance or such, not typing right now. I set a goal to post for one year, and as of this post I'll have a year's worth of posts from July 2003 to June 2004, barely. And I should be gardening, drinking a beer outside under the stars, and walking the dog, hey it's summer.

Although I still am dissapointed by the lack of cycling advocacy in Harrisburg, by the lack of knowledge of correct and safe commuting by fellow riders, and by the antagonism of drivers, I am proud of my blog, of my commuting efforts, and my advocacy efforts, and I think, I know that I touched some. This somewhat evidenced by the flurry of comments on my previous post, that came just at a time to almost make me question my decision to take a layoff. Thanks for reading everyone.

Today, I encountered two other bicycle commuters, both going on the wrong side of the street, not stopping at STOP signs, and weaving in and out of traffic and sidewalks when convenient, no hand signals, etc. Yet, I tried to set a good example, and even joked with the one fellow when he crossed the road and fell in behind me: "You trying to take them cars head-on?" with a big smile, since he had a smile on his face and was oblivious in general. He continued smiling back something to the effect: "Yeah I'd get plastered!" Maybe not oblivious after all, yet awareness doesn't equal knowledge or action.

I am not quitting bike commuting mind you, and I may post occassionally, but I'd say that while the weather is warm, the days long, and the outdoors calling, posts will be far and few between. Thanks for reading, check back occassionally. If you've just discovered bcn, please check out the archives and links to numerous other great bicycle commuting bloggers, and feel free to drop me a line, I'll still check my email on occassion too. Bike well. - franklen

Song of the day: "Sit Down" by James (for that matter anything by James, just picked up thier live album of their last concert before break-up, what a great band, with great things to say)

Answer to WHERE IT AT #2

This is above the alley bicycle rack at the Harrisburg downtown YMCA (which I chronicled a few posts back in photo). One site where I would expect, and my expectations are met, to see bicycles and bikers in number.

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