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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Well, finally I can report that I have completed production of 150 copies of bcntwo, the second volume of my bcn paper zine. At 24 pages, it clocks in at 4 more pages than volume 1 (which was mostly just re-used material from this online blog), and has more original material, plus some contributions from others (whether they know so or not!).

I have found great satisfaction in producing paper copy of my bcn efforts, especially after I bogged down on my blogging due to, well, just getting tired of the whole typing, logging in, having to update regularly shtick, and the fact that for the first time in my life I have held a 100% (well maybe 95%) time desk job in front of a computer screen, and next to a window screen (but of course I have had my bicycle riding to help undermine that to a point). And of course the old cut and paste allows someone less technologically advanced (though note I didn't say incapable cause if I want to figure out how to make fancy things happen online I could with enough effort) to be able to be as creative as they wanna be in a simple manner.

I will admit though that I didn't put as much time into the effort as I could have, but we all hit a wall one way or the other somewhere. I was simply coming up against a personal deadline to get this done, and I wanted to cap off this effort with one more paper volume that I could strew around for unsuspecting housewives, mainstreamers, and politicos. The future for bcn looks dismal actually, and if I ever get back publishing online, it will likely be in a different and broader topical format, but we'll see. I have no plans to take this site down anytime soon, so I may update if I can find nothing better to do (I must have adult ADD cause something else is always coming up), and you'll be able to contact me through it if you'd like to talk about project collaborations in the future.

So please contact me for a copy of bcntwo. I am not asking for any donations this time (though they are always appreciated to cover printing and postage, cause no I didn't pull no punk Kinko's photocopying scam to get my copies, though I dream of it, but the local printshop --sorry Kinko's-- was happy at least to have my business). I'd like to send one to each of my loyal readers as long as supplies last, so email at franklenblog@fastmail.fm with your addy, and oh yeah, trades for other DIY zines, art, music, and creativity are always accepted and appreciated and served before cash donations (sorry)!!

Tired of sitting in front of a computer - franklen

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