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Friday, July 28, 2006

Don't Mar the Historical Facade Boys! 

One of my first trips to somewhere other than work was to CL Evers Co., the new high-scale (supposedly?) grocery downtown on Clinton Square. Sue has been away with our car housesitting for a brother, and I needed some groceries, and thought I'd check it out. Well in all truthfulness, the selection was wank. No tofu, no veggie burgers, no ginger root, overpriced boxes of Fantastic Foods cous-cous, no nutritional yeast, no low-fat peanut butter, and I stopped looking there. I could have done almost as good at my corner grocery here at Hawley-Green and only payed almost as much in prices.

Besides all that rant, the folks working there were nice, and when checking out I noted to the cashier another customer stopping by on a bike, and had they thought of putting up a bike rack? She said they actually had, but since they were located in a historical building, the city didn't allow them! I'll just let you make of that what you inevitably will, I'm too tired tonight for ranting about the obviousness of stupid policies encountered in everyday life.

They had the hella cutest little metal wire shopping baskets for carrying around the store though!

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