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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Well so far my fellow roadsters have been fairly ploite to me in the Salt City. Travelling downtown I had to deal with a good bit of traffic, but they were all very polite, staying in line behind me, not trying to pass innappropriately, and nary a honk or harrassment, though I could just about feel a few cars breathing down my neck, some inches of consideration please? Anyways, It doesn't hurt that there is a stop light or stop sign every block, so they can figure out they aren't getting anywhere any quicker by passing me between blocks (or trying to).

The same can't be said for my neighborhood though it seems. Already had a honker inbetween block stop signs travelling from Catherine towards Mcbride. Where did he think he would get so much quicker by getting around me when the stop sign coming up was only another 300 feet or so. I freaking hate impatients like this. Stock response from me, turn my head, make eye contact and smile, what are they gonna do then? Hopefully since he had a drivers license and passed his last vision test so he could read my bikes are traffic sticker on my rear fender, and he can kiss my rear fender if he feels like doing this again!

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